All the Feels

short film, in progress (2020-ongoing)

All the Feels is a short film which explores how reaction GIFs facilitate performing emotion in online conversations: essentially how we express emotion online by using other people's faces and how this influences our identity.

The plot revolves around an actress who is preparing for an important role. We follow this through various text conversations on her phone. In order to grow emotionally and be able to perform, she has to leave a version of her old self behind and go through a hero’s journey in a fantastical, animated world.

Through a symbolic narrative and visuals I analyze various characteristics of reaction GIFs (loops, layering of meaning, the cinematic character).

The film is currently in the development phase.

The project is supported by: Stimuleringsfonds Design grant, Amarte fonds, CBK Rotterdam

Koen Caris (screenplay), Matija Pekic (cinematography), Tess Martin (advisor), Gerty van de Perre (actress for green screen tests), Olga van den Brandt (animation tests)