Birth of OPPER

large scale textile series, 2023 - in progress

Below are some tests and sketches (for now) for a large scale textile piece which will be part of my ongoing project set in a dystopian Rotterdam. The project explores issues of privacy and censorship raised by new forms of surveillance. The textiles are based on the worldbuilding from my script. While the film will show the personal story of the main character, the monumental textile work will show an ‘official’ story, exploring how art is used by the state to put forward a certain ideology and create myths about urban environments. Most of the pieces below have been produced during a residency at PHENO in Thessaloniki, Greece (supported by Stimuleringsfonds) during spring 2023.

The project is supported by CBK Rotterdam and Stimuleringsfonds

70 x 50 cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, 2023

each aprox. 30 x 30 cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, 2023

Left: each 20 x 20 cm, hand punched with needle, 2023
Right: 50 x 60cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, 2023