Birth of OPPER

large scale textile series, 2023 - in progress

Birth of OPPER consists of two large scale tapestries, that are part of an ongoing project set in a dystopian Rotterdam. Using references from medieval tapestries and socialist murals, the works explore how art is used by the state to convey ideology and create myths about urban environments.

The tapestries depict a narrative in which people leave their home city behind and seek refuge in OPPER tower. This enforced tower is built to provide homes that offer shelter from worsening weather conditions. But in the process of admittance, civilians have to agree to be constantly monitored for their data to be harvested and sold.

The tapestries are 390 x 180 cm each and are made using the tufting technique.

The first tapestry will be finished in the first week of january 2024, while the second one will be finished by the end of march 2024.

The project is supported by CBK Rotterdam and Stimuleringsfonds

Latest progress (Nov 2023)

390 x 180 cm (back view), hand tufted with tufting gun, wool, acrylic and cotton yarn, 2023

October 2023

front view, in progress


52 x 52 cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, wool and acrylic yarn, 2023

each aprox. 30 x 30 cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, 2023

70 x 50 cm, hand tufted with tufting gun, acrylic yarn 2023