Future news, official screens

video installation, 2019
Installation at Rijksmuseum Twenthe in the Deep Truth exhibition, 2021

The project uses past and present news rhetorics to make a speculation about how information will be presented in the future - and by whom.

It explores a future scenario where, after a certain event, electrical devices are damaged. This causes the production of new visual content to be momentarily not possible. The only means of visual expression are some rescued materials, which are used by the government to provide information about new developments of the crisis. The installation takes the form of a news station on the street, the news being a more exaggerated form of today's tendencies to base everything on opinions and emotions rather than facts.

Themes adressed are the relationship between private news media, governments and corporations, post truth and the current attitude towards official news, the decaying belief in photographic realism.

Developed part of the Open Archief project initiated by Het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) and Het Nieuwe Instituut, supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

Post-production, glitches: Matija Pekić

Narrations: Gritta Ewald, Diederik Kreike, Mika Rădescu, Mihai Gui, Ștefana Dunca, Giulia di Pietro

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