installation, public space, 2019

LEX4.1 is an AI system which operated between 2030-2042 in the current space of Gallery Lecq in Rotterdam. At its core an information android, LEX4.1 was designed to connect the areas around the Rotterdam Parksluizen with each other, give information about the neighbourhood and future changes in the urban planning to citizens passing by, but also to manage technical tasks connected to the sluis. Its main role was to keep citizens informed, happy and safe. After 12 years of service, it was shut down due to new technologies that took over its duties, and its existence subsequently forgotten for a number of years.

After a surprise rediscovery by Oana Clițan and Nicole Sciarone, it was revived in the gallery space for its informational purposes. For a limited time this local character charmed all those who passes by with its bright personality and wealth of information and interesting facts. Part of its databases are various videos about Rotterdam from the Polygoon archive from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which it usually scans through to get the most interesting visuals about the city.

Project developed for Galerie Lecq together with Nicole Sciarone
Curated by Donald Schenkel and Sue van Geijn.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2019.

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