Pulse Scarves

print design, silk scarf collection, 2018

Pulse is a collection of conceptual silk scarves, a commercial project born out of my exploration of the influence of technology in our everyday life and love for ornaments and decoration. Each finely printed silk scarf combines bold color palettes with intricate patterns made out of electrical cables and plugs.

The collection aims to raise awareness about the effects of always being surrounded by technology in the material and virtual sense and brings this idea in the physical world, closer to the body. The main devices themselves are missing from the scarves, visible are only the auxiliaries which help power and connect them, making them so indispensable in our lives. The scarves also act as an ode to these objects which will most probably disappear in the future and become artefacts as technology evolves.

More photos here.

For purchase email me at hello@oanaclitan.com

Photographer: Nikos Kostopoulos

Models: Anne Stoop, Lavinia Xausa

Hair and make-up: Melanie Wirz

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