Visions of 010 melting

immersive multi-screen installation, 2022

The installation showcases results of a visual research where I try to create a futuristic or sci-fi city using archive materials. Collections of images from the city archive of Rotterdam (Stadsarchief), together with my own photos and screenshots from Google Maps are fed to an AI image generator, resulting in eerie animations of a constantly changing city.

The AI-generated visuals create a feeling of atemporality: it is not clear what is real and what not, if we are seeing the past, present or future and what is made by a human or by an algorythm.

The sound design by Sebastian Pappalardo also includes a mix of archive sounds and contemporary field recordings from Rotterdam.

The installation is part of a bigger project: creating a future dystopian Rotterdam inspired by the reconstruction politics of the city after the bombing of the Second World War, reimagined in today’s context of constant urban renewal, displacement of socio-economic groups and the development of surveillance technology.

Supported by: Stimuleringsfonds, V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Motel Mozaïque

Sound design: Sebastian Pappalardo

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The installation was first presented during the Motel Mozaïque festival at Theater Rotterdam in April 2022 under the title 'Pixels of Lost Time and Space' (curated by Nikki Giorgiou, in co-production with V2_ Lab for Unstable Media).

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